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Aromatherapy Massage
Why We Use It and How It Works
When it comes to massage, the faster you are able to get into a relaxed state of being, the better it is for you. Not only does that mean that your muscles will let go and be more receptive to treatment sooner, it also means that you will maximize the amount of relaxation and treatment time you have with us.

In order for that to happen, our first job is to get your busy mind out of the way. To do that, we start the process of relaxation by utilizing your sense of smell and administering our "Smell Test" to customize your experience and help alleviate your specific type of stress. Why? Because it so happens that of your five senses, your sense of smell travels to the part of your brain called the limbic system the fastest. This part of your brain is what influences emotions and memories. It is also directly linked to your adrenals, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus which regulate your heart rate, blood pressure, stress, memory, hormone balance, and breathing. What does that all mean? It means that the inhaled essential oil stimulates a "feel good" emotion within the brain, which then triggers a positive physiological response to bring about emotional and physiological balance.
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