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Holistic Massage
Choose Your Favorite Way to Unwind
Swedish Relaxation Massage
Time to catch some zzz’s. Dubbed the “stress-buster” and ultimate in deep relaxation, this is the massage that made us famous. Includes aromatherapy. (Lighter pressure)
*Recommended for mental or emotional stress.

60min      $89
90min      $129

Deep Pressure Massage
Can you take the pressure? The original relaxation with a little "Oomph". This massage is more client directed. Includes aromatherapy.
*Recommended for those who need more attention to their shoulders, neck and hips. Minimum 90min sessions.

90min        $129
120min      $174
150min      $214

A Japanese method of natural healing that uses a non-invasive technique of transferring energy for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing.
*Recommended for mental or emotional stress.

60min        $89

Reiki/Massage Combination Sessions
Because why not combine the best of both worlds.

Reiki/Relaxation Massage
90min        $129
120min      $174

Reiki/Deep Pressure Massage
120min      $174
150min      $214


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