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Nathallee K. Hartwell
Holistic Massage Professional
Nathallee Hartwell (formerly known as Nicole Van
Damme) is the owner of The Massage Studio Whole
Body Wellness (formerly known as Nicole Van
Damme’s Massage Studio). She was introduced to
massage at a very young age through her mother, a
massage professional and owner of a massage
studio in Manitoba. With a background already
familiarized in the healing arts for over 20 years,
Nathallee went on to pursue and became a
professionally trained and certified Relaxation
Massage Bodyworker using Aromatherapy. Her
focus is on mental and emotional health through the
use of massage, and her specialty is a restorative
deep relaxation-style massage to ease physical pain
usually due to stress. Her unique style of massage
has earned her a 5-star reputation for five
consecutive years, as well as two awards for Best
Massage in Vancouver both in 2012 and 2014. Not
only does she have over 4,500hrs of hands-on massage experience under her belt
to date, she is also a Certified Reiki Master, has graduated with a Professional
Counselors Diploma, and completed certifications in Psychosomatic Therapy,
and Forgiveness Coaching. As an intuitive healer and healing arts practitioner,
she is well known for her natural talent in massage and unique style. She is
definitely one of a kind.
Besides massage, Nathallee has an insatiable passion for educating others. Her
teaching profession started in 2009 as a professional and personal development
workshop facilitator for at-risk youths. In 2013, she started teaching massage
one-on-one. Her courses are designed for the adult learner, with a style that is
tangible, fun, comprehensive, intensive yet easy-to-learn, and engaging.
With her own life experiences as a source of inspiration for her work, she is
currently focused on designing innovative continuing education programs for
bodyworkers and massage therapists interested in working further with the
intricacies of psychosomatics and the body-mind.
At present, Nathallee is a student attending the Vancouver College of Massage
Therapy (VCMT) to upgrade her skills and further her education in becoming a
massage therapist, thus adding clinical massage to her repertoire. In 2020, she
will complete her 3-year program and actualize her goal of becoming an RMT
(Registered Massage Therapist) to further help those who need it.
In her own words:

“I feel like I was born to do this."
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