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Our Story & The Inspiration Behind It All
Creating a sacred space of connection, kindness and compassion for all.
Behind every success is a story; a compelling “why” that fuels passion and
ignites a sense of purpose. I found mine in the least likely of places. It was a
blessing in disguise. It became the reason why I care so deeply about the people
I serve, and why I am so incredibly passionate about what I do. To fully
understand the heart of my company (what I do and why I do it), I want to share
with you the inspiration behind how I started.
A few years ago, I was my best client. I was in an emotionally and
psychologically abusive relationship, and simultaneously bullied daily at work. I
couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I could hardly focus, and I could barely function from
day to day. I was basically in survival mode, just getting by, and I felt my
breaking point coming. Eventually the accumulation of mental and emotional
stress overload led to physical pain, illness, exhaustion, and landed me in the
emergency room six months later. It was here that I received my wake-up call and
was told two words that changed my life: “Let-go”. So I did. Literally. Three
weeks later I hopped on a plane back home to friendly Manitoba and happily left
everything behind.
It was my mother, who had been a massage professional for nearly 20 years, who
nurtured me back to health and unknowingly became the inspiration behind what
I do and how I do it. And after three months of a mother’s touch, I came back to
Vancouver, got inspired, stumbled upon my passion for massage, and found my
purpose in nurturing people back to health the same as my mother did for me.
Four months later I opened up my own massage studio with friendly Manitoba and
my mother in mind. It was something a little different, where big city meets small
town. A safe haven. A home away from home. A studio with heart.
What started off as a small “mom and pop” company soon grew. Over the years
we have won several awards including: The Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver
People’s Choice and Runner Up 2012, The West Ender Best of Vancouver
People’s Choice and Silver Winner 2014, and have been acknowledged by
consumer review giant with a “People Love Us” for earning a 5-star rating
five consecutive years in a row since inception. Being voted as People’s Choice is
always an honor. As a company we always strive to be “of the people, by the
people, for the people”. It’s the way business should be.
We built our foundation on love, compassion, and respect for all people, and our
vision continues where it began: “Let no man suffer, and may kindness always
To inspire change within our industry; to truly transform lives. We pay attention, we improve upon, and we innovate. We provide quality massage and exceptional experiences that WOW and leave our clients speecheless. The difference is in the details. We strive o not just BE the best, but GIVE the best. With one-on-one personalized attention, our clients feel like they are number one. ALWAYS.
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